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Smokie Mp3

Pass It Around : 1975

01-Pass It Around
03-Oh Well, Oh Well
04-My Woman
05-It Makes Me Money
07-Goin' Tomorrow
08-I Do Declare
09-Don't Turn Out Your Light
10-Will You Love Me
11-A Day At The Mother-In-Law's
12-The Coldest Night
13-Shy Guy

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Changing All The Time : 1975

01-Don't Play Your Rock'N'Roll To Me
02-If You Think You Know How To Love Me
03-It's Natural
04-Give It To Me
05-We're Flyin' High
06-Changing All The Time
08-Take Me In
09-Umbrella Day
10-Back To Bradford

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Midnight Cafe : 1976

01-Something's Been Making Me Blue
02-Wild Wild Angels
03-Poor Lady (Midnight Baby)
04-When My Back Was Against The Wall
05-Make Ya Boogie
07-What Can I Do
08-Little Lucy
09-Going Home
10-I'll Meet You At Midnight

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Bright Lights & Back Alleys : 1977

01-It's Your Life
02-I Can't Stay Here Tonight
03-Sunshine Avenue
04-Think Of Me
05-In The Heat Of The Night
06-Needles And Pins
07-No One Could Ever Love You More
08-Baby It's You
09-Walk Right Back

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The Montreux Album : 1978

01-The Girl Can't Help It
02-Power Of Love
03-No More Letters
04-Mexican Girl
05-You Took Me By Surprise
06-Oh Carol
07-Liverpool Docks
08-Light Up My Life
09-Petesey's Song
10-For A Few Dollars More

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The Other Side Of The Road : 1979

01-The Other Side Of The Road
02-Do To Me
04-Big Fat Momma
05-Don't Take Your Love Away This Time
06-London Is Burning
07-Baby, It's Up To You
08-You Don't Care
09-All Alone
10-I Can't Stop Loving You
11-Too Many Pennies In Hell
12-Samantha Elizabeth
13-San Francisco Bay

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Solid Ground : 1981

01-Jet Lagged
02-I'm In Love With You
03-Everything A Man Could Need
04-My Woman Don't Like Rock'N'Roll
05-Take Good Care Of My Baby
06-Rock'N'Roll Woman
07-Your Love Is So Good For Me
08-Long Time Coming
09-Melody Goes On

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Strangers In Paradise : 1982

01-Falling For You
02-Yesterday's Dreams
03-Come On Home
04-Can You Feel My Heartbeat
05-Two Strangers Falling
06-You'll Be Lonely Tonight
07-Mirror, Mirror
08-Now It's Too Late
09-Long Way From Home
10-Strangers In Paradise

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Midnight Delight : 1982

01-Warm Nights With You
02-Hiding From The Night
03-One More For The Road
04-Time Keeps Turning
05-Midnight Delight
06-Number On My Wall
07-Time Of Your Life
08-Winter's Day
09-You're A Lady
10-Don't Throw It Away

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Bonus :

01-Stumblin In
02-Living Next Door To Alice
03-A Strangers With You

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