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Alphaville Mp3

Alphaville - Forever Young : 1984

1 [02:09] Alphaville - A Victory Of Love
2 [06:53] Alphaville - Summer In Berlin
3 [04:43] Alphaville - Big In Japan
4 [04:18] Alphaville - To Germany With Love
5 [03:55] Alphaville - Fallen Angel
6 [03:48] Alphaville - Forever Young
7 [04:32] Alphaville - In The Mood
8 [04:45] Alphaville - Sounds Like A Melody
9 [03:33] Alphaville - Lies
10 [04:59] Alphaville - The Jet Set

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Alphaville - Afternoons In Utopia : 1986

1 [00:43] Alphaville - Iao
2 [03:56] Alphaville - Fantastic Dream
3 [04:08] Alphaville - Jerusalem
4 [03:58] Alphaville - Dance With Me
5 [03:07] Alphaville - Afternoons In Utopia
6 [04:26] Alphaville - Sensations
7 [01:25] Alphaville - 20Th Century
8 [04:32] Alphaville - The Voyager
9 [04:39] Alphaville - Carol Masters
10 [03:57] Alphaville - Universal Daddy
11 [07:00] Alphaville - Lassie Come Home
12 [04:06] Alphaville - Red Rose
13 [00:40] Alphaville - Lady Bright

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Alphaville - The Singles Collection : 1988

1 [06:11] Alphaville - Forever Young [Extended Mix]
2 [04:27] Alphaville - Red Rose [Single Version '88]
3 [03:52] Alphaville - Big In Japan [Single Version '88]
4 [08:17] Alphaville - Dance with Me [Long Version]
5 [03:47] Alphaville - Forever Young [Album Version]
6 [07:55] Alphaville - Red Rose [12'' Mix]
7 [07:00] Alphaville - Big In Japan [Remix '88]
8 [03:58] Alphaville - Dance With Me [Album Version]

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Alphaville - The Breathtaking Blue : 1989

1 [4:10] Alphaville - Summer Rain
2 [5:20] Alphaville - Romeos
3 [4:57] Alphaville - She Fades Away
4 [4:55] Alphaville - The Mysteries of Love
5 [3:42] Alphaville - Ariana
6 [3:27] Alphaville - Heaven or Hell
7 [6:09] Alphaville - For a Million
8 [3:19] Alphaville - Middle of the Riddle
9 [4:12] Alphaville - Patricia's Park
10[2:48] Alphaville - Anyway

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Alphaville - First Harvest 1984-92 : 1992

1 [03:55] Alphaville - Big In Japan
2 [04:30] Alphaville - Sounds Like A Melody
3 [03:58] Alphaville - Sensations
4 [03:35] Alphaville - The Mysteries Of Love
5 [06:59] Alphaville - Lassie Come Home
6 [03:35] Alphaville - Jerusalem
7 [04:08] Alphaville - Dance With Me
8 [06:10] Alphaville - For A Million
9 [04:13] Alphaville - A Victory Of Love
10 [03:40] Alphaville - The Jet Set
11 [04:38] Alphaville - Red Rose
12 [04:52] Alphaville - Romeos
13 [04:10] Alphaville - Summer Rain
14 [03:49] Alphaville - Forever Young
15 [06:09] Alphaville - Big In Japan [Culture Mix]

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Alphaville - Prostitute : 1994

1 [03:48] Alphaville - The Paradigm Shift
2 [03:56] Alphaville - Fools
3 [05:39] Alphaville - Beethoven
4 [05:47] Alphaville - Ascension Day
5 [04:56] Alphaville - The Impossible Dream
6 [03:40] Alphaville - Parade
7 [05:23] Alphaville - Ain't It Strange
8 [03:41] Alphaville - All in the Golden Afternoon
9 [12:31] Alphaville - Oh Patti
10 [03:17] Alphaville - Ivory Tower
11 [03:56] Alphaville - Faith
12 [03:44] Alphaville - Iron John
13 [03:56] Alphaville - The One Thing
14 [04:41] Alphaville - Some People
15 [07:06] Alphaville - Euphoria
16 [06:10] Alphaville - Apolla

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Alphaville - Salvation : 1997

1 [05:13] Alphaville - Inside Out
2 [03:49] Alphaville - Monkey In The Moon
3 [04:11] Alphaville - Guardian Angel
4 [03:44] Alphaville - Wishful Thinking
5 [03:48] Alphaville - Flame
6 [05:48] Alphaville - Point Of No Return
7 [03:28] Alphaville - Control
8 [03:55] Alphaville - Dangerous Places
9 [04:27] Alphaville - Spirit Of The Age
10 [04:48] Alphaville - Soul Messiah
11 [05:31] Alphaville - New Horizons
12 [04:28] Alphaville - Pandora's Lullaby

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Alphaville - Dreamscape 1ne : 1998

1 [04:46] Alphaville - Dream Machine
2 [05:05] Alphaville - In The Mood (Demo Remix)
3 [06:55] Alphaville - Summer In Berlin (Demo 1)
4 [04:17] Alphaville - Victory Of Love (Demo Remix)
5 [04:30] Alphaville - To Germany With Love (Demo 1)
6 [06:25] Alphaville - Big In Japan (Demo Remix)
7 [04:08] Alphaville - Fallen Angel (Demo Remix)
8 [04:46] Alphaville - Forever Young (Demo Remix)
9 [03:15] Alphaville - Leben Ohne Ende (Original Demo)
10 [04:26] Alphaville - Sounds Like A Melody (Demo 1)
11 [03:50] Alphaville - Lies (Demo 1)
12 [01:18] Alphaville - Romance (Demo Sketch)
13 [03:26] Alphaville - Colours (Instrumental)
14 [04:40] Alphaville - Jet Set (Demo 2)
15 [05:26] Alphaville - Traumtдnzer (Demo Remix)
16 [04:34] Alphaville - Into The Dark (Demo Remix)

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Alphaville - Dreamscape 2wo : 1998

1 [00:37] Alphaville - Lady Bright (Demo 1)
2 [04:31] Alphaville - Afternoons In Utopia (Instrumental Remix)
3 [04:29] Alphaville - The Voyager (Demo Remix)
4 [03:46] Alphaville - Universal Daddy (Demo 1)
5 [03:27] Alphaville - Red Rose (Demo 2)
6 [09:43] Alphaville - Dance With Me (12" New Edit)
7 [04:00] Alphaville - Fantastic Dream (Demo 2)
8 [04:30] Alphaville - Jerusalem (Demo Remix)
9 [05:46] Alphaville - Sensations (New Dub Edit)
10 [04:07] Alphaville - Carol Masters (Demo 1)
11 [01:32] Alphaville - Airport Sketch (Instrumental)
12 [07:24] Alphaville - Lassie Come Home (Demo 2)
13 [01:23] Alphaville - 20th Century (Demo 1)
14 [04:12] Alphaville - Summer Rain (Demo 3)
15 [06:24] Alphaville - For A Million (Instrumental)
16 [05:48] Alphaville - Romeos (12" New Edit)

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Alphaville - Dreamscape 3hree : 1998

1 [03:18] Alphaville - Seeds (Remix)
2 [05:08] Alphaville - Elevator (Remix)
3 [03:11] Alphaville - Welcome To The Sun (Remix)
4 [04:44] Alphaville - The Other Side Of U (Remix)
5 [05:01] Alphaville - Next Generation (Remix)
6 [05:42] Alphaville - 20.000 Lieues Sous Les Mers (Poem Remix)
7 [07:40] Alphaville - Golden Feeling (Demo 1)
8 [03:51] Alphaville - Headlines (Demo 1)
9 [06:51] Alphaville - Big Yello Sun (Remix)
10 [05:08] Alphaville - Sister Sun (Remix)
11 [04:17] Alphaville - Fools (Faithful & True Version)
12 [04:57] Alphaville - Legend (Remix)
13 [05:11] Alphaville - Like Thunder (Flag Remix)
14 [05:52] Alphaville - Life Is King (Demo 1)

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Alphaville - Dreamscape 4our : 1998

1 [02:18] Alphaville - Never Get Out Of The Boat (Intro Piece)
2 [05:14] Alphaville - Sounds Like A Melody
3 [07:04] Alphaville - Ascension Day
4 [07:21] Alphaville - Euphoria
5 [04:08] Alphaville - Jerusalem
6 [05:45] Alphaville - New Horizons
7 [04:53] Alphaville - Victory Of Love
8 [04:15] Alphaville - Beethoven
9 [03:49] Alphaville - Jet Set
10 [06:02] Alphaville - Dance With Me
11 [04:42] Alphaville - Wishful Thinking
12 [07:09] Alphaville - Big In Japan
13 [05:51] Alphaville - Forever Young
14 [04:03] Alphaville - Mercury Girl

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Alphaville - Dreamscapes (CD-1)


4:46 Dream Machine
5:05 In The Mood [demo remix]
6:55 Summer In Berlin [demo 1]
4:17 Victory Of Love [demo remix]
4:30 To Germany With Love [demo 1]
6:25 Big In Japan [demo remix]
4:09 Fallen Angel [demo remix]
4:46 Forever Young [demo remix]
3:15 Leben Ohne Ende [original demo]
4:26 Sounds Like A Melody [demo 1]
3:50 Lies [demo 1]
1:18 Romance [demo sketch]
3:26 Colours [instrumental]
4:40 Jet Set [demo 2]
5:26 Traumtanzer [demo remix]
4:34 Into The Dark [demo remix]

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pass : vvs

Alphaville - Dreamscapes (CD-2)


0:37 Lady Bright [demo]
4:31 Afternoons In Utopia [instrumental remix]
4:29 The Voyager [demo remix]
3:46 Universal Daddy [demo]
3:27 Red Rose [demo]
9:43 Dance With Me [12" edit]
4:00 Fantastic Dream [demo]
4:30 Jerusalem [demo remix]
5:46 Sensations [dub edit]
4:07 Carol Masters [version 1]
1:32 Airport Sketch [instrumental]
7:24 Lassie Come Home [demo]
1:24 20th Century [demo]
4:12 Summer Rain [demo]
6:24 For A Million [instrumental]
5:48 Romeos [12" edit]

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pass : vvs

Alphaville - Dreamscapes (CD-3)


3:19 Seeds [remix]
5:08 Elevator [remix]
3:11 Welcome To The Sun [remix]
4:44 The Other Side Of U [remix]
5:01 Next Generation [remix]
5:43 20,000 Lieues Sous Les Mers [poem remix]
7:40 Golden Feeling [demo 1]
3:51 Headlines [demo 1]
6:51 Big Yellow Sun [remix]
5:08 Sister Sun [remix]
4:17 Fools [faithful & true version]
4:57 Legend [remix]
5:11 Like Thunder [flag remix]
5:53 Life Is King [demo 1]

pass : vvs

Alphaville - Dreamscapes (CD-4)


2:18 Never Get Out Of The Boat
5:14 Sounds Like A Melody
7:04 Ascension Day
7:20 Euphoria
4:09 Jerusalem
5:45 New Horizons
4:53 A Victory Of Love
4:12 Beethoven
3:51 Jet Set
6:01 Dance With Me
4:43 Wishful Thinking
7:09 Big In Japan
5:51 Forever Young
4:03 Mercury Girl

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pass: vvs

Alphaville - Dreamscapes (CD-5)


3:24 Underworld [live]
3:40 To The Underworld
4:32 Whales
3:46 Burning Wheels
3:06 Highschool Confidential
3:49 Roll Away The Stone
4:59 The Shape Of Things To Come
4:23 Thunder & Lightning
3:17 Bitch
5:07 Days Full Of Wonder
5:38 Peace On Earth
4:39 Today
5:07 What Is Love
3:55 Because Of You
4:38 And I Wonder
4:52 Heart Of The Flower
5:07 The End

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pass : vvs

Alphaville - Dreamscapes (CD-6)


3:08 If The Audience Was Listening [demo 2]
3:42 Waves
4:47 Nostradamus
11:06 Mysterion
4:25 Change The World [demo 1]
3:57 Script Of A Dead Poet
5:47 Elegy
4:26 Pandora's Lullaby [opera version]
6:02 Welcome To The Sun [retro version]
3:09 Beautiful Girl [piano piece]
4:22 Caroline [demo 1]
3:57 Carry Your Flag
5:38 Cosmopolitician [demo 1]
3:22 Twelve Years [orchestral version]
4:31 Forever Young [unplugged version]

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pass: vvs

Alphaville - Dreamscapes (CD-7)


3:36 Romeos [demo 1]
4:21 Jet Set [demo 1]
5:18 Traumtanzer [demo 1]
4:41 Blauer Engel
2:39 Ariana [demo 1]
4:42 Summer In Berlin [demo 2 remix]
4:42 Ain't It Strange [demo 1]
4:33 [keep the] Faith [portobello remix]
2:01 Recycling [h-babe tape]
2:51 That's All [instrumental]
3:47 Forever Young [demo 2]
3:35 All In A Golden Afternoon [instrumental]
4:31 My Brothers In China [instrumental]
4:35 Wake Up!
4:31 Astral Body [demo remix]
10:19 Big In Japan [fff time warp]

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pass : vvs

Alphaville - Dreamscapes (CD-8)


6:55 Montego Bay [live]
3:09 She Fades Away [demo 1 / titanic version]
4:54 Those Were The Days
5:41 Imperial Youth [instrumental]
3:54 Duel
2:21 Iron Gate [instrumental]
5:11 Danger In Your Paradise [demo 1]
5:32 Feathers & Tar [britannia row remix]
4:02 Here By Your Side
6:37 Fools [12" speed remix]
4:34 Flame [demo 1]
4:27 In Bubblegum
3:50 Joyride [instrumental]
4:26 Monkey In The Moon [demo 1]
4:44 Kinetic
3:28 Tomorrow [instrumental]

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Alphaville - Forever Pop : 2001

1 [04:58] Alphaville - Forever Young - f.a.f Mix (Album Version)
2 [03:55] Alphaville - Dance With Me - Paul Van Dyk Mix
3 [03:42] Alphaville - Big In Japan - Roland Spremberg Mix
4 [04:34] Alphaville - Romeos - Rewarped Mix
5 [04:21] Alphaville - Summer Rain - De-Phazz Mix
6 [04:39] Alphaville - Jerusalem - Georg Kaleve Mix
7 [03:45] Alphaville - Summer In Berlin - Christian Fleps Mix
8 [07:52] Alphaville - Sounds Like A Melody - Staggman Mix
9 [04:54] Alphaville - Lassie Come Home - @home Mix
10 [04:55] Alphaville - Jet Set - Saunaclub Mix
11 [04:30] Alphaville - A Victory Of Love - Jab Mix
12 [05:40] Alphaville - Red Rose - Mark Plati Mix
13 [14:24] Alphaville - Big In Japan - Eiffel 65 Mix

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Alphaville - Forever Young 2001 (Single: Limited Fan Edition)

1 [03:57] Alphaville - Forever Young 2001 (F.A.F.'s Diamonds In The Sun Mix)
2 [04:20] Alphaville - Forever Young 2001 (Factory Mix)
3 [04:43] Alphaville - Forever Young 2001 (Original Demo 1983)
4 [03:46] Alphaville - Thank You (Spoken Version)

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Alphaville - 12'' & Mixes (Bootleg) : 2002

1 Big in Japan (Extended Remix) 07:13 13.23 Mb
2 Sounds Like A Melody (Special Long Version) 07:42 14.11 Mb
3 The Nelson Highrise Sector 1,the Elevator (12'') 04:10 7.66 Mb
4 Jet Set (Jellybean Mix) 06:25 11.78 Mb
5 Dance with Me (Empire Remix) 08:14 15.1 Mb
6 Universal Daddy (Aquarian Dance Mix) 06:14 11.42 Mb
7 Jerusalem (The Palace-Version) 06:13 11.4 Mb
8 Sensations (Club Mix) 06:05 11.15 Mb
9 Red Rose (12'') 07:51 14.39 Mb
10 Forever Young (Special Extended Mix) 06:08 11.25 Mb
11 Romeos (12'') 08:33 15.67 Mb
12 Summer Rain (Extended Version) 05:29 10.06 Mb
13 Summer in Berlin (B-Sides on Summer Rain) 05:51 10.73 Mb
14 The Mysteries of Love (German Mix) 07:55 14.51 Mb

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Alphaville - CrazyShow (Box - 4 CD) : 2003


CD1: The Terrible Truth About Paradise

1 State Of Dreams
2 Ship Of Fools
3 Zoo
4 C Me Thru
5 Upside Down
6 And As For Love
7 Girl From Pachacamac
8 Carry Your Flag
9 Moon Girl
10 Return To Paradise (Part 2)
11 Those Wonderful Things
12 On The Beach

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pass : vvs

CD2: Last Summer On Earth

1 Wonderboy
2 Hurricane
3 Do The Strand
4 Still Falls The Rain
5 Ways
6 The II Girlz
7 Heartbreaker
8 Waiting 4 The Nu Lite
9 Shadows She Said (Omerta)
10 Crazyshow
11 Moonboy (Thank You)
12 Miracle Healing

Bölüm 1

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pass : vvs

CD3: Stranger Than Dreams

1 Stranger Than Dreams
2 Giants
3 Wish You Were Dead/Wishful Thinking
4 About A Heart
5 For The Sake Of Love (Demo Instrumental)
6 Sounds Like A Melody (Maxx Mystery's 80s Remix)
7 Something
8 Because Of U
9 Inside Out (Thou Shalt Not Remix)
10 The Opium Den
11 Last Summer On Earth
12 Diamonds Are 4 Eva

Bölüm 1

Bölüm 2

pass : vvs

CD4: Websitestory

1 Return To Paradise (Part 1)
2 State Of Dreams
3 Scum Of The Earth
4 Upside Down
5 Shadows She Said (Omerta)
6 First Monday In The Y3K
7 MoonGirl
8 Waiting 4 The Nu Lite
9 Those Wonderful Things
10 C Me Thru
11 MoonBoy
12 Miracle Healing , Ship Of Fools , On The Beach

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pass : vvs

Solo Projects

Bernhard Lloyd - Atlantic Popes : 2000

1 [04:23] Alphaville - World
2 [05:05] Alphaville - Ice
3 [04:53] Alphaville - Games
4 [05:37] Alphaville - Dogs
5 [05:00] Alphaville - Land
6 [04:30] Alphaville - Love
7 [06:25] Alphaville - Talktalk
8 [03:31] Alphaville - Living
9 [04:52] Alphaville - Skin
10 [04:05] Alphaville - Freedom
11 [05:23] Alphaville - Flying
12 [04:26] Alphaville - That's All
13 [04:27] Alphaville - Love (F)
14 [04:36] Alphaville - Ice (F)

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Marian Gold - So Long Celeste : 1992

01. And I Wonder
02. The Shape Of Things To Come
03. Heart Of The Flower
04. One Step Behind You
05. Sirens
06. What Is Love
07. Today
08. Peace On Earth
09. Sweetneedles Of Success
10. Roll Away The Stone

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Sifre: dfhz

Marian Gold - United : 1996

01. Danger In Your Paradise
02. Caroline
03. Feathers And Tar
04. Missionary
05. For The Sake Of Love
06. Say It Ain't So, Joe
07. Five Years
08. Change The World
09. Cosmopolitician
10. Soulman

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Sifre: dfhz


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