Pazartesi, Nisan 16, 2007

Modern Talking (Videos)

You're My Heart You're My Soul

Download (13 mb)

The Night Is Yours (Live in Chile)

Cheri Cheri Lady

Download (13 mb)

With A Little Love (Live)

Heaven Will Know (Live at St. Petersburg)

Brother Louie

Download (14mb)

Atlantis Is Calling

DOwnload (12 mb)

Angie's Heart

Geronimo´s Cadillac

Download (13 mb)

Give Me Peace On Earth

Download (15 mb)

Jet Airliner

Download (16mb)

In 100 Years

Download (15mb)


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saat: 21 Nisan 2007 05:45 , Anonymous Adsız dedi ki...

Just find this blog by accident .... many nice posts. Thx so much for your time and hard work. But is there any chance to re-up all Gazebo's albums please.



saat: 29 Nisan 2007 15:00 , Blogger Ayhan Kulak dedi ki...

dear Theressa,

gazebo albums updated


best regards

saat: 1 Mayıs 2007 01:07 , Blogger Pash dedi ki...

Do you have the last album of Modern Talking, "The final album" from 2003.
Nice blog...

saat: 12 Mayıs 2007 12:21 , Blogger Ayhan Kulak dedi ki...

dear Pash

Modern Talking - The Final Album

best regards

saat: 14 Mayıs 2007 04:37 , Blogger theressa dedi ki...

Thanks so much for re-upping Gazebo albums for me. I do appreciate what you do for me ..... great post, great blog

Kind Rgds,



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