Cuma, Şubat 09, 2007

Vaya Con Dios Mp3

Vaya Con Dios - Night Owls (1990)

1. Nah Neh Nah
2. Far Gone Now
3. Sunny Days
4. Sally
5. Something's Got A Hold On Me
6. I Don't Want To Know
7. What's A Woman?
8. Night Owls
9. Pack Your Memories
10. With You
11. Travelling Light
12. Quand Elle Rit Aux Eclats

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saat: 11 Şubat 2007 19:59 , Anonymous Adsız dedi ki...

Vaya Con Dios. Delicious.
Ayhan, Do you remember Tina Turner "foreign Affair" or Maggie Reilly "Echoes" and "Midnight Sun"?
That was a hits !
Sorry for my english but i just learn this language. I greet you and thanks for music on Your blog.
This music ( mainly 80's )i love and listen.
Tomasz, Poland

saat: 6 Mart 2007 16:43 , Blogger dan dedi ki...

fantastic album with timeless hits like What's a Woman & Nah neh nah. Did you know she released a new album last year ?

saat: 7 Mart 2007 13:04 , Blogger Ayhan Kulak dedi ki...

This comment has been removed because it linked to malicious content. Learn more.

saat: 7 Mart 2007 13:20 , Blogger Ayhan Kulak dedi ki...

dear dan last studio album "the promise" release 2004
for link

the promise(2004)

pass : alex1960

saat: 3 Temmuz 2007 10:32 , Blogger Spinato's Musicpills dedi ki...

Thanks a lot. Do you know what's the name of the other group where Dani Klein sings ? I think something with ...'Roses'. But I'm not sure.


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