Salı, Aralık 12, 2006

Leo Sayer Mp3

Leo Sayer: The Definitive Hits Collection

01-The Show Must Go On
02-One Man Band
03-Long Tall Glasses
04-Giving It All Away
06-You Make Me Feel Like Dancing
07-When I Need You
08-How Much Love
09-Thunder In My Heart
10-Easy To Love
11-I Can-t Stop Loving You
12-Dancing The Night Away
13-Raining In My Heart
14-More Than I Can Say
15-Living In A Fantasy
16-Have You Ever Been In Love
17-Heart (Stop Beating In Time)
18-Orchard Road
19-Let It Be (Bonus) 256 kb/s

Bölüm 1 (01-09)

Bölüm 2 (10-18)

Sifre : buratino

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