Cuma, Ekim 13, 2006

Tracey Chapman Mp3

Tracey Chapman - Tracey Chapman : 1988

01. Talkin' Bout A Revolution
02. Fast Car
03. Across The Lines
04. Behind The Wall
05. Baby Can I Hold You
06. Mountains O' Things
07. She's Got Her Ticket
08. Why?
09. For My Lover
10. If Not Now
11. For You

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Tracy Chapman - Crossroads

Freedom Now
Material World
Be Careful Of My Heart
Born To Fight
A Hundred Years
This Time
All That You Have Is Your Soul

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Tracy Chapman - Collection

Fast Car
Baby Can I Hold You
The Promise
I’m Ready
Bang Bang Bang
Telling Stories
Smoke And Ashes
Speak The Word
Wedding Song
Open Arms
Give Me One Reason
Talkin’ Bout A Revolution
She’s Got Her Ticket
All That You Have Is Your Soul

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