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Madness Mp3

Madness - One Step Beyond : 1979

1.One Step Beyond
2.My Girl
3.Night Boat To Cairo
4.Believe Me
5.Land Of Hope And Glory
6.The Prince
7.Tarzan's Nuts
8.In The Middle Of The Night
9.Bed & Breakfast Man
10.Razor Blade Alley
11.Swan Lake
12.Rockin' In A
13.Mummy's Boy
14.(They Call It) Madness
15.Chipmunks Are Go!

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Madness - Absolutely : 1980

1.Baggy Trousers
4.Close Escape
5.Not Home Today
6.On The Beat Pete
7.Solid Gone
8.Take It Or Leave It
9.Shadow Of Fear
12.In The Rain
13.You Said
14.Return Of The Los Palmas

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Madness - Madness-7 : 1981

1.Cardiac Arrest
2.Shut Up
3.Sign Of the Time
4.Missing You
6.Tomorrows Dream
7.Grey Day
8.Pax-A -Mac
9.Promises Promises
10.Benny Bulfrog
11.When Dawn Arrives
12.The Optium Eaters
13.Day On The Town

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